New Release: Gerulata Juno 15

This new version of Gerulata Juno brings several new features such as activity heatmaps, tracking of FB video views and content performance forecasts, along with many bugfixes and stability improvements.

Activity Heatmaps

There are two types of activity heatmaps available in the Source Profile. The first is the Calendar Heatmap, showing the number of contents published by the source organized by days:

For example, here we can easilly identify two periods of inactivity, perhaps because the page administrator was taking a vacation.

The other type is the Hourly Heatmap:

For example, this source has a preference for posting on evenings, especially on weekends.

Activity Heatmaps are also available as a new type of analysis, where we can see heatmaps for selected Topics or Perspectives.

View count tracking for Facebook videos

Gerulata Juno is now tracking video views on Facebook and users can now sort and filter video content based on this metric.

Content performance forecasts (beta)

Juno already can identify overperforming content, but since version 15 it can now forecast the number of reactions a particular content will receive.

This is a beta stage feature, meaning that we are still tweaking the accuracy of these forecasts, but we think they are good enough to be useful. In the future releases, there will also be an option to filter content based on forecasted performance.

Thank you for staying with us and we hope you will enjoy these new funcionalities.

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